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Floppy old elastic question

March 20, 2011

Hi all,
I have a lovely old swimsuit that I enjoy wearing but of late its starting to need some TLC and repair work if I’m to keep wearing it.

The material is lovely and thick – and it has a skirted bottom – but the straps need some attention. Whenever they get wet they lose all their elasticity and the suit flops around me… not really what I’m looking for in a relaxing swim.

The previous owner has already somewhat butchered the suit – taking out all of the lining panels and I suspect bra cups – so I don’t feel too badly about altering the suit. Plus, I don’t believe the elastic – pretty as it is – is original either. It has the wrong feel and it isn’t sewn on all that well.

My question to you all is, do you think if I sewed some clear elastic under the straps that it would help with the flop factor? It will be a bit tricky matching thread with that busy navy and white pattern but I would like to get her back in the water without having to entirely replace the elastic straps… if possible.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!
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  1. I'm not sure where you are but I know in Australia you can buy clear elastic specially made for pool water. Why not sew it on with clear thread?

  2. I am in Australia but I'm not much of a pool swimmer – more the ocean – but I can't believe I didn't think of clear thread. Duh!
    Thank you MB and Monique. :0)

  3. You could also back the existing elastic with navy elastic that matches the suit- maybe? I don't know if that would make it too heavy.

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