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Cocktails on the Rio Grande

March 6, 2011

I am still cold from this! My fishing-widow best friend and I decided to use a fishing excursion to the Rio Grande to shoot the final version of Butterwick 5032.  I didn’t have enough fabric to do the button front as planned, but I still really like it.

I folded out the skirt front tucks and turned them into darts instead – I loved the tucks on the pattern envelope, but on my body they emphasized the hell out of my somewhat rounded stomach.

 The bodice has a lot of adjustments.  I lowered the armholes and dramatically sloped the shoulders to allow for my crazily shaped back.  I lengthened the back skirt darts and took fabric in on the back waist seam (both at the skirt and bodice) to deal w/ sway back.
I love how the stripes work on the bust dart.  I was careful to make sure this effect ‘mirrored’ up.

 There are still some fitting issues, but since my new sewing / philosophy is “don’t let perfect get in the way of done” I”m Ok with the various little wrinkles here and there.

 I drafted new facings to reflect the changes in the bodice, and then drafted lining pieces to work with the facings, for a more finished and refined end result.  I don’t know why the back center lining doesn’t work -I guess I made a mistake and cut the fabric on the seam line rather than the cutting line.  In my new spirit of ‘make it work,’ I futzed it and made it work.

I love the lining!  It gives the dress shape and heft.  It actually has a shape even on the hanger, which I really like!

Overall – a great pattern.  The end result isn’t particularly vintage, but I’m really happy with it.  It’s a fantastic pattern to build lots of different design details onto.
More pics of the fishing widow day trip and the dress at The Blog…

  1. The fabric really makes this dress so special. Love the simple shape with some discrete drama the tripes give to the garment.

  2. Thank you! The fabric is an old linen tablecloth from the Salvation Army, but is a super nice linen with a tiny shimmer here and there.

  3. you look so good in it! Impressed, and I have been sewing for 43 years, so yes, am old! very glad to see all you youngsters keeping sewing alive so beautifully! phoenix55
    thanks for allowing comments without having to 'sign in'…! we older people really do not like to have to do that, and so we don't comment, thanks, really alot!

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