1. Try self-fabric, or a slightly lighter-weight, closely woven fabric of similar fiber content. Sometimes I use Moda solid scraps for interfacing. Silk organza is great but not so cheap (at least not here in Oz). It's a really good idea to be sure you pre-washed both the fabric and the interfacing first.

  2. Depends on the hand, support, etc desired. Steph had some great suggestions. Definitely prewash both fashion and interfacing fabric. For a nice beefy hand, cotton flannel is super. For a crisp hand, use a fine weave cotton or a stiff cotton such as organdy. for a soft hand, use a more open weave or gauzy cotton. do a pre test with a piece large enough to manipulate, curve, etc.

  3. Great suggestions.
    Ive found in some of my vintage garments muslin used. I dont use fusible at all but a lot of times scrap light solid colored fabric I have left over from previous projects.

    I often used a prima cotton for interfacing, or a loose woven muslin (washed twice).

  4. Polyester organza is also available, usually quite cheap, and good when you want a little crispness — in a collar, for example.

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