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1970’s Vintage Vogue

March 2, 2011

I made this a few weeks ago from a Vintage Vogue pattern – It was a more challenging sew than I had anticipated (I consider myself a pretty experienced seamstress) with the most unusual sleeve-yoke that I’ve ever seen, but it was really fun!

I made some slight alterations, like the sleeve, and made it a little less full. It’s a really cute blouse for wearing around the house, and is super warm – I made it with brushed cotton flannel. I lined the collar in eyelet lace, and added a little around the bottom as well.
As always, there’s a little more on my Blog.
  1. this is super adorable! it has a bit of a fifties vibe even though it's a seventies pattern. i can see it with rolled up jeans and penny loafers.

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