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Not so Simple

February 8, 2011

Does any one have experiance with the jacket with Simplicity’s 3688? I know plenty out there have done the top and the pants, but it’s the jacket that’s being a bugger. Well more like the sleeve cuffs. The first part about it I get (steps 13 and 14), it’s when you have to deal with the the next part (step 15) that gets confusing.

  1. HeatherPA on made the jacket and she said that the sleeve cuff/vent instructions were bad and she just muddled along. I haven't been tempted to make that jacket, especially after reading that.

    You could look up jacket making in any sewing book you may have laying around or look at digitized vintage sewing books at Another option is to look at the instructions for a different jacket pattern, and substitute those.

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