1. Leaving a comment like that anonymously is mean and cowardly.

    Astrid, I am the same way. When I get into something, I really get into it. I have enjoyed seeing all of the crazy fun fabrics you sewed this up in.

  2. Wow! How rude!

    I don't think you look trashy at all Astrid! I think you are adorable, and so sixties! You are a very talented seamstress too!

  3. Thanks, Sarah and A.J.A.! I appreciate you two coming to my defense and I also agree that it's cowardly to leave an anonymous mean-spirited comment. If you're going to say it, at least own your words.

    Thank you both for the compliments as well. I'm glad you're enjoying seeing these and don't think I'm delving into craziness with the project. I shall carry on.

  4. Hi Astrid! I never leave comments but wanted to also tell you how much I enjoy your creations. Keep it up! -Also love looking at your house heehee….you should have an organizational blog as well! Your place always looks so together.

  5. Hi Heidi,
    Thanks so much. I appreciate that a lot : – )
    It's funny– I'd love to take credit for our organized home, but my husband is the true neat freak. I've learned to be a neat freak myself, because he's like that, but I wasn't always like that! We did work together picking the art and design, though. Thanks again : – )

  6. I love them. Making so many from the same pattern puts the focus on the awesome vintage fabric you have instead of on the pattern, a emphasis the fabric deserves. I also agree about your house! You and your husband could be interior decorators!

  7. Thanks, Bry! I appreciate the compliments on the skirts and our interior design. I do agree, too, that a simple pattern allows me to highlight the fabric. : – )

  8. I agree, the person who made that comment is rude. Ignore it. I too enjoy seeing all of your fun creations on here. I totally understand the urge to make a lot of the same style in different prints when you find a pattern you like. I love seeing all of the cute fabrics you've found, and you always look cute too. 😉

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