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Men’s Shirt from MPB sewalong

February 15, 2011

I’ve been taking part in the men’s shirt sewalong over at Male Pattern Boldness, but I’ve been using McCall’s 3087 rather than the Negroni by Colette Patterns. I’ve got nothing against the Negroni, it’s just that I TOTALLY and completely heart the McCall’s.

I found some amazing vintage plaid fabric and decided I was going to make the short sleeved version. And then I found this amazing shirting in the red tag bin at the local Mega Fabric Mart which meant I HAD to make the long sleeve version, too.

And lest you think I’m a total underachiever, I decided my son needed a similar shirt for his birthday. But that’s in March, so I’ve got some time!

Behold, the McCall’s 3087!

I’ll be adding more details on the process over at my blog.

  1. Bright plaid seersucker and that pattern… be still my heart!

    I started Peter's Sew-along (also using my own pattern), unfortunately due to work commitments, I got to cutting out the pattern pieces and that was it… I'm looking forward to picking it up again next week (with hopefully results as successful as yours!).

    1. Love this pattern and the fabric you used, I would have matched the pocket though, perhaps you didn’t have enough fabric? Best Roland

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