McCalls 8715 from 1967

February 2, 2011

McCalls 8715
year was 1967

I fell in love with the illustrations on this envelope long ago – and my own daughter hasn’t even grown into this size yet! But – circumstances came up and I got to use it last night. I made it in the top view for my niece Elizabeth, who lives in Minnesota. It was extremely simple and easy to alter to what fabric was on hand. I used it as a ‘safety’ pattern because I can’t get there to try anything on her and the A-line shaping means it is very likely to fit her. Her mom measured her around the chest and it came out to match this pattern. The last dress I had made her she had outgrown and was pretty upset about it! Auntie sewer to the rescue.

Pictures of the finished (but unpressed) product at my blog.

  1. As the aunt who has done sewing for 2 nieces who are now about 8 years old, it gets worse. Particularly when they play off of each other to lay guilt trips on you with kisses and hugs… 'She gets a new dress? Did you make one for me too? Well, you got one last month when she didn't so…' LOL

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