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A Dress for February

February 15, 2011

Hello, my name is Mikki and I live in Leeds in the UK.  I’ve only been sewing about four years after being convinced for most of my life that it was far too complicated a skill for a clumsy fool like me to acquire!


Luckily a good (and very patient) friend managed to persuade my flatmate and I that rather than wasting our time sitting around drinking wine and moaning about men, we could be making our own dresses, drinking wine and moaning about men at the same time.


Prior to that I had a terrible eBay habit and spent a small fortune on 60s dresses.  Now I spend a fortune of fabric, notions and vintage sewing patterns instead.


So my sewing is largely about the dresses and all about the 1960s.


This year I’ve set myself a challenge of making at least one dress a month and updating my blog with my progress, here is my dress for February:


and the pattern I made it from – Vogue 5942.




  1. Wow what a gorgeous dress. The colour really suits you. I've just started out on my sewing voyage and reading this has really inspired me 🙂

  2. The colours and fabric are outstanding. You could wear this to William and Kate's wedding! I love the simple elegance of the empire waistline!

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