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STtDC – Project 1, the Dirndl

January 20, 2011

Heya all,

As part of my foray into the Sewing Through the Decade Challenge, my first project was the pleated waist dirndl skirt with a border print (i’m looking at the mid-late 50s).

Here’s the design:

Here is mine (no petticoats), with added pocket. Pocket = love.

And a version in plaid taffeta
These skirts are amazingly easy to sew, and I love swishing around in them so much! Really recommend making one if you’ve been thinking about it. Onto the next project challenge… the blouse!
xx Bex xx
  1. oh my, how sweet is this! i tried on something very similar in a shoreditch vintage shop today and it was too small — decided to make one instead! will order some patterns from you for sure. thanks!

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