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January 26, 2011

I really like sewing vintage style clothes on either my Singer 201k or my Singer 99k sewing machines, both of which date from the early 1950’s.

I have a friend who loves the Victorian period and recently acquired a ‘period correct’ Frister Rossman machine, dating from 1886. Fancy being able to sew perfectly on a machine which is 123 years old and has sewn the genuine article!!

I was inspired therefore to try and restore my own Singer dating from 1891 – she must have seen some real corset sewing action in her time, and corsets are my favourite thing to sew.

At 120 years old, she is once more in perfect working order.  Amazing!  You can see she’s been well used in her time.

I wrote a tutorial about restoring a beat up old Vintage Sewing Machine, on my blog
  1. Beautiful. These machines are amazing and were so well built. I have a 66 from 1914 that I found in a thrift shop for $2.50. It was well used too. It's crazy to think about what they cost the original owners- I read about a woman who made payments on her Singer for over a decade! It makes me so happy to see others restoring them and putting them to their intended use. Well done! (P.S. I am terrified of the shuttle bobbin! Is it worth being intimidated? I'll check your blog.)

  2. The shuttle bobbin is ok but the nicest thing is that these shuttle machines move in a slightly different way and are quite mesmerising … I can't really explain it without thinking of a train!! which would give entirely the wrong impression..

  3. I love my Frister & Rossmann! I also converted a Singer 99K into handcrank for my baby daughter who is 7 y/o. I LOVE old sewing machines!

  4. Mabel said
    Great tutorial, I just bought a vintage handcrank sewing machine, brand "Butterfly" made in the Republic of China. It missing minors parts, I need to find information how to lose the handcrank.

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