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Pick Your Pattern Giveaway

January 1, 2011

You guys do such fabulous sewing! It’s so inspiring to see your patterns and projects come to life, keeping the love of retro styles going. I am in awe of YOU!

Let me just be honest about it: this post is really a shameless plug. I’ve just spent countless hours reworking my website- time I’d have rather spent sewing or pattern making. I LOVE retro styles, so my aesthetic is more vintage than not. To celebrate my small (yet big for an untrained web designer) accomplishment, I’m doing a pattern giveaway. Any pattern you want. To the right is a style I call Southern Belle.

What to do:
Go to my shop page and choose a pattern that you’d like to try. Write a note from the contact page telling me which pattern you’d like to try. If I get at least 40 entries, I’ll choose 2 winners (1 winner per 20 people), which increases everyone’s odds. The contest closes Jan 8. I’ll contact the winner(s) on Jan 10.

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