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Can I Make Payments on it?

January 21, 2011
Just kidding! I am definitely not bidding- but have any of you seen this listing for 38 patterns on eBay from the 30s and 40s? The history shows that the bidding began on 1/16 at $6.99, and it is now up to $403.00 with almost six days left to go! I thought some of you might find this is interesting to watch- there are some really gorgeous patterns here, like this one. 
Still, four hundred smack-a-roos. Wow. We’ll see where it goes!
  1. Wow, but there are some very serious collectors out there. NVL blogged a while ago about pattern trends and with 30s being top the pile at the moment, some patterns are for sale around £100.

    I've been amazed browsing etsy recently to see how many patterns are priced £60 to £100 on there, mostly 30s to 50s evening and bridal wear.

    I wish we had estate sales in the UK, might be the only way I will ever own a beautiful high-end pattern like the one pictured!

  2. Just had a look through the listing, gotta say at around $10 a pattern at the moment that is an incredible bargain for those, could easily see that amount doubling before the auction is over.

    Now, where to find myself a millionaire in the next few days….

  3. not a bad one in the bunch either. lots always seems to have a few good ones with rest being early 90's stinkers or lame craft patterns.

  4. Watching this too! That is someone's Collection going out the door. Tammy O's right on; most of those are beautiful unique patterns, I don't think there's a bad one in the bunch. Too bad it's outta my reach… ;^)

  5. At $10.60 per pattern, that is an incredible deal considering what's there and that they appear to be in great condition. Some of those early Vogue ones could easily go for $35 a piece.

  6. I put this on my watch list from the second I saw it. Even though most of them are 40's some of them are very inspirational. LOVE IT!!! However, $400 is a little nuts.

  7. Vogue Special designs are always monstrously collectable. I bet this auction is mainly for that pattern, and perhaps second a couple others.

    It also could be a studio designer bidding. That happens.

    I was watching this THE DAY the price spiked over $100. Its crazy, no doubt!

    The sad thing for us is this is gonna cause regular patterns to spike in price for a while. Greedy people and all.

  8. They're good old patterns, my guess is selling individually would net more than as a group. I know I've paid significant bucks for a pattern I want. I have one missing the sleeve and I'll take any thing close to work from to be able to make the pattern. My guess is size doesn't matter and whoever buys will just grade them up or down to fit.

  9. $685 plus shipping! Hang on while I go get a paper bag to breathe into…maybe if I'm very nice to animals and the elderly, the universe will one day see fit to drop a box of these in my lap so I can sell them and go on vacation. I expected them to go higher, but not that high.

  10. I know its a lot of money on one auction, but wow what a bargain someone has picked up, I think individually those would have raised quite possibly double that amount.

    I'm still wondering if the buyer is intending to sell on or if the majority will go into a collection?

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