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Butterick 2564 – Vintage Overblouse

January 12, 2011

I saw this pattern in the Stitches & Loops store and just had to have it. I imagined owning the entire suit and being just as chic and professional as the model. Well, I now have one of the three items concluded. This little top is what was described back then as an overblouse. It could also be worn over a sleeveless dress to expand wearing options. More elegant versions in satin or crepe would be worn over evening gowns.

What I loved about this design and that of the jacket is that the darts mimic each other on the pieces. I also found in construction of this top that the shoulder darts and french dart on the side add flattering shaping to the top.

For the top, I used a lovely drapey red cotton twill that I’m also using for the Colette PatternsOolong dress. I then added four white 1-inch pearlized buttons from my late mother’s button stash.

For the jacket and skirt, my dream would be to find a salt and pepper boucle with maybe a hint of another color running through it. But for boucle, that means I have a bit of a weight until they are in season again. Never mind, I have plenty to wear this red shirt with right now.

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