1. It seems that you need some length added to the lower torso and back. Is the crotch seam too high on you? To me this would be a culprit for the tight back (butt seam).
    Otherwise I'd try to let out the inseam in the back a bit to see if that makes any difference.
    Sorry about the blatant language, but I don't know how else to describe these things. 🙂

  2. Well, I'm no expert but it looks like you need to add some crotch length and depth (increase the amount of pattern at the back curve). The waist also looks a little bit tight. I'd let it out by an inch or so there. Those 2 things might correct the puckers at the upper derriere.

  3. sunni (the cupcake goddess) just spent a few weeks doing a fairly exhaustive sew-along that should be able to give you some great pointers. she even posted pictures of herself in the muslins to illustrate fitting issues and suggestions on how to fix them!

    to follow up on the other commenters, she definitely did a few posts on crotch width/depth issues and potential fixes. i'm not sure if that is the issue, but it may be able to help you decide:


  4. I don't sew pants so this is not coming from me, but a friend of mine who doesn't sew skirts or dresses says:

    "It looks to me like probably two adjustments: lowering/squaring the crotch curve, and the inelegantly named but delightfully functional "protruding seat adjustment" (oi.). On the first, I'd go with squaring/scooping out a little as a first pass, rather than truly dropping it, which affects other stuff. make it more shaped like a soft square than like a piece of a circle? Then the protruding seat, a fave of mine, even in my emaciated state, is the one where you slit the back pcs horizontally midway between waist and crotch curve and add space on the cb seam. I say that because upper hip and leg areas look like they've got plenty of space, just not the mid-tushy area. Doing it this way also helps maintain the flatter top part. She may need to shape her darts a differently (convex, from the inside) to match her natural "hollow" above the full hip area.

    Given patience and time, I'd do the protruding seat first and see if it fixes the wedgie issue, then if it's still needed do the crotch curve."

    But then added that she thought a "crotch-scoop" would be necessary. I believe she means that the crotch curve needs to be deeper.

  5. Is the picture straight? If not, you look like you are like me with one hip higher than the other.
    Before you alter your muslin I would suggest 1st putting a lift in the shoe of your shorter side and then taking another photo. With high waisted pants, I always have this problem if not wearing my lift as the higher side will keep trying to pull the fabric up over the higher hip bone. Hope this helps!

  6. my skirts and pants also do that funny blubbly thing on the end of the darts. I find that making the darts longer makes them go away. agree with everyone else in what they are saying about making the crotch length longer. good luck 🙂

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