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January 26, 2011

Some people think of the 80’s as a decade of big hair and loud colors with obnoxious black and white checked parachute pants, however there was another side to this story and that generation is where I’m getting all of my new sewing ideas especially for my Ellen Griswold outfit. I fell in love with this outfit the second I saw it and I was able to grab the same green material that she used for the skirt at my local fabric store. I think however I’m going to take the blouse up a little to hide the cleavage a bit. For that I am going to use a tweaked version of Simplicity 7607 and as for the skirt. I think I can self-draft that one.
I can’t wait to get to stitching. Wish me luck!
By the way, I hope no one is mad that this isn’t about the 70’s, 60’s or 50’s but the 80’s are still kind of retro. For more info about this project check out my blog Back In The Future.

  1. Absolutely, the 80's are retro! In my own mind (being a graduate of the 80's), I think 'Oh that wasn't so long ago.' What am I thinking? It was 30 years ago!

  2. I love it. Sew what you like! Another blogger (who was that?) pointed out that a lot of those 80s fashions are very 50s, but with different fabric choices (and more cleavage? ;)Once I started paying attention, I realized it was very true!

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