Winter Coat!

December 13, 2010
After a couple of months of sewing and swearing, my wool Winter coat is finally complete! In fact, I got it finished a couple of weeks ago, just before the snow and temperature began to fall. I hate being cold and I hate Winter, but so far this coat is doing an awesome job of protecting me from it.

This Vogue pattern is from 1968, but I think the midnight blue colour wool is classic enough to not look particularly retro/vintage. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to wear crazy retro/vintage style clothing, but I prefer more undertstated coats so they go with the majority of my wardrobe. And seeing how much effort and motivation I had to conjure up to get through this pretty mammouth (for me) task, I hope it last a few years!

I made a couple of changes to this pattern, for details on these and more infor on this project in general, please check my blog post:

Thanks for looking, happy stitching peops!
Zoe xxx
  1. Wow, you did a fantastic job, a nice blend of vintage pattern and updated fabric and color! It looks great on you.
    Happy sewing!

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