The 1966 Turnabout Dress

December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! It is very hot here in Melbourne, Australia at present, and I needed some airy frocks to keep myself cool while pregnant. I’m about 6 months pregnant now, so keeping cool is getting more and more difficult. I recently watched Rosemary’s Baby again, and desperately wanted a tent dress, so I decided to sew ‘The Turnabout Dress’:

I used a checked Japanese cotton and finished with a lovely cool summer dress:

I love this dress. My blog has more pictures and details about my first time using a hong kong seam finish. Hope you’re all having lovely holidays!

  1. You wear it well! Absolutely adorable dress (and haircut)! I'd love to see the pattern piece and fabric layout. I'm having a hard time visualizing this clever pattern design.

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