Vintage Sewing

My sewing room has been gutted!!

December 27, 2010

I hope everybody had a reall nice Holiday and are looking forward to a Happy New Year!!

Sorry I haven’t been online all week!! My hubby took the week off and we spent the entire time in the basement addressing some issues …. lack of insulation, a couple leaks, etc… you know, the typical fun stuff that comes along with home ownership! LOL

Anyways, my sewing room has been found to be a major leak of air and so everything had to come out… the drywall will be coming out and insulation will be put in the walls… don’t know why it wasn’t done in the 80’s when the house was built!!!???

The window also needs to be replaced and insulated around….. He has promised to once again make it a nice sewing area for me.

To be continued….. I’ll take a photo when it’s done!

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