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Look Who’s on Ebay in Factory Folds….

December 7, 2010
I have been on the lookout for this pattern, which I love. Alas- at around $25, the baby says it is out of my price range. Perhaps some of you have a heftier pattern budget though. 
Anyway, I dried my tears on a hankie I sewed with my almost antique (96 years old!) Singer straight stitch machine that I bought at the thrift yesterday, along with a Kenmore, for a combined total of $5. 
Both machines work, and the Singer has been converted to pedal operation. Okay, I guess I’ll go play and sew and forget I saw her, although that western flair is so hard to let go of….
  1. So I'm not the only one who is a little bit obsessed with that pattern!

    I can't find it, either. Alas, it seems I'm going to have to fudge it from one of my other patterns.

  2. OMG!! Where do you live?? It's a fantasy (to me anyway) to be able to get such a treasure for that price! (SIGH)… enjoy that major shopping coup!!

  3. Sometimes, the perfect pattern comes along. Well, with the $$ you saved on buying the 2 vintage sewing machines, maybe you could buy the pattern. I'm just sayin'
    Have fun with your new machines!

  4. Well Ginny, I thought about it & decided you were right- I could resell those machines to pay for the pattern! So I bid again, but I lost. It's a great pattern, but it sold for $41.60, and I couldn't pay that much. Congrats to whomever won it!

  5. Keep your eye out, though, for similar patterns. The shape of the dress is very simple–if you can (or can get somebody to help you) draft the appliqué pieces, you could reproduce it without that specific pattern.

    I'm considering using Simplicity 3550 (1951) as a starting point to fudge it.

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