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Introduction and Vogue 1102

December 1, 2010

Hello out there,
My name is Catherine and I am a home seamstress from Berlin/Germany. I have a great passion of sewing dresses and since I started sewing some years ago I sew most of my wardrobe myself. Lately I got heavyly infected by the retro-virus and that`s why I decided to sign up to sew retro. I love the american 40ies style and also always wanted to sew some 50ies dresses. I wear my selfmade cloth on a daily basis so sometimes it appears to be a little more retro style than all original retro. Nevertheless I just got my first original pattern from the US (there are of course no german patterns available from that period and even if – who would like to wear german fashion from the 40ties? Not me.) and when my latest fabric order has arrived, it is on top of my sewing list.
I write my blog in german mainly but the post linking to sew retro will be both german and english. I`ll sure understand all comments in english if you want to leave one!
For an impression of what I like to make I share an older entry from my blog, a Vogue Dress (1102) which is not meant to be a retro pattern but turned out very retro-stylish I think. I am sorry it is not translatet but beeing a mother of two little ones, working AND of course not beeing a nativ english speaker I think I start the translation with my next entry here and leave you with the pictures for now.
Well, I am happy to be part of sew retro 🙂
Here is my blog: cat-und-kascha
  1. Umm, being into molecular biology I was a bit startled when I read "infected by the retro-virus". But now I got it. Love your dress!

  2. No German Dresses from the 40's? Oh dear you should see what Lutterlough patterns from the 40's cost here. They are very sought after and very pricy!

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