1. OMG how cute. You know I have some vintage maternity patterns if you want them. I got them for nothing and was going to list them on my Etsy shop but if you could use them I would be more than happy to send them to you.

  2. Very cute! And although sewing can be expensive sometimes, you have got to be saving money. I had a daughter earlier this year, and the maternity clothes I saw were crazy expensive. Gap had maternity jeans for $70+! I am clothing cheap anyway, but for something you are only going to wear for a few months there is no way I would pay that much! I like your idea better 🙂

  3. Eleen Fashions– Thank you so much for your kind offer, I would normally take you up on that offer, but I have recently been given more patterns than I know what to do with! I don't think I can even finish them all by the time the baby arrives! Thank you so much though!

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