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Christmas-y Uses for Vintage Iron Transfers…

December 14, 2010

I was given these hot iron transfers years ago from an Aunt of mine. One of them is post marked from the 1930’s while the other two look like maybe 1940’s or 1950’s.
Now, I am not big on embroidery, but with Christmas coming I thought these “Mr” and “Mrs” (and “His” and “Hers”) Would be fun to add to my Fiance’s Christmas gift! Because they are so old they no longer transfer, but I was able to “Freehand” the “Mr” on my fiance’s christmas pajama pants pocket. Here’s the pocket:

Now I am inspired to make myself matching “Mrs” Pajama’s! There are also some great Animals to embroider and other traditional motifs.

  1. I love vintage transfers and they make great gifts such as embroidered clothing or pillowcases! Hand embroidery just looks so lovely.

  2. I tried one of those transfer pencils… but could only find a brown that didn't show up on my fabric. I guess they come in white as well? That would have been helpful!!!

  3. You can use a see-through Sulky stabilizer to draw the image. Make a fabric sandwich (Stabilizer + fabric). Sew through both. Wash away stabilizer! Vintage transfer is intact.

  4. Mary Beth – thanks for that! I've heard of this stuff before but never worked with it. I'll have to see if my local fabric store has it.

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