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December 12, 2010
I f  you have been following my epic struggle to successfully complete a blouse, you will know that this is a huge deal for me…..sad, I know. After 7 unsuccessful tries, I have finally managed to complete a blouse without any major disasters, yay! I made a ‘working muslin’ of this pattern:
The shoulder yoke and gathering made for a comfortable fit….
I really loved working with this pattern by Hollywood, as size 12  is considered to be a ‘childs’ size and is proportioned for short people like me. This was great as there was no tedious adjustments and the only thing I changed was shortening the sleeve length slightly to a more modern length. I will definitely try some of Hollywood’s other patterns as it was all so easy……
I was actually trying to recreate the outfit on the left from this picture here:
So I made two simple skirts to go with my first homemade blouse:
This shirt is so comfortable I wear it all the time (no waist darts) , but I’ll use a nicer cotton next time, as the white poplin version is almost exactly the same as the shirt I wore during my catholic high school days……..had they not changed the design since the forties?
I only post completed outfits on Sew Retro, so if you would like to read more of my sewing diary (and pick up free patterns from time to time) you can do so at Petal’s Pattern Stash
  1. I feel your pain about Catholic school uniform shirts! Here I am 30 years later and I still have problems with wearing white blouses. Your shirt however is lovely.

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