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Work on 50’s Gown

November 11, 2010

I’ve resumed work on McCalls 3101, a 1950’s gown to wear on a cruise. I’m making it in dupioni silk – rust shot with red.

The project itself is well underway… my biggest dilemma is how to pack it!!!??? Back in the day, ladies often had a trunk for all of their glorious garments when cruising.

Cheers! Kellie
  1. I'm going on caribbean cruise in early December, and I'm wearing all Victorian style clothing on. I've got status on the airline we're using that allows 3 checked bags, and I'm figureing two large bags, for the skirts/overskirts/petticoats, rolled & packed in packing cubes where possible, bodices, corsets, underwear & stockings in the smaller bag, shoes sprinkled throughout. I'm looking into the possibility of using space bags, most of the daytime outfits are of washable (and pressable) fabrics, so I'm not averse to becoming overly friendly with the iron in my stateroom. 😉

    As for packing such a lovely gown, I concur with the other poster about rolling it in tissue, and if it requires pressing upon unpacking, press it through a towel to avoid hurting the silk.

    Those of you that are faced with the dilemma of pressing velvet, btw, a towel makes a wonderful impromptu 'velvet board" to keep from crushing the pile of the velvet.

    hope this helps!


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