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Vogue Vintage Knitting Book – 1960

November 1, 2010

Ok, seriously, I really think my obsession for vintage is becoming pathologic!!

Look what, my evilish ill mind imposed me to buy… augh, this amazing Vogue Knitting Book from 1960!!

How crazy am I?? I can’t knit, I don’t have time to do so and so, why?? I know………I’m mad!!

But I couldn’t resist…I thought that maybe one day, in the future (not so near I think) I will learn to knit and I will try to make at least one of these amazing outfits!! Or maybe for my children…who knows… 🙂

You are always welcome to my blog!!

  1. Ha! It is totally viral! I did the same thing-and continue to do so! They are just so great and hard to pass up, even when you don't know how to knit!

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