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Vogue 7827, 1970s Caftan Dress

November 20, 2010

I bought this fabric over a year ago and I’ve been saving it, waiting for just the right project. The fabric is a knit, with a loopy texture, and the reverse is a smooth knit in charcoal with a little stripe (look very carefully to see a snipet of the stripe). I’d originally thought I’d made a dress, but then thought I’d wear a jacket more… back and forth for over a year.

I finally settled on a dress. It is absolutely not the type of thing I usually make, not being a caftan type of girl at all. But I loved how the short dress looked with the flaring sleeves and the insets. So, finally, I cut it out, and in a very short amount of time, had the finished article.

I’ve got close-ups of the details at The Vintage Traveler.

  1. I love it, TOTALLY my cup of tea!
    As a side though, can anyone tell me how to post on Sew Retro? I have a Vintage Vogue Giveaway I'd like to post. Every time I click the "new post" button it redirects me to my blogger login page and gets stuck in a loop there; and I can't find a link to contact Sew Retro directly for help….help anyone??
    Miss P

  2. Thanks so much, all, for the very kind words. Miss P, I'm afraid I can't help. You o need to make sure you have been approved by the blog admin for posting.

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