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Vintage Inspired Lingerie

November 16, 2010

Hello! I have been working on Lingerie sets based loosely off of vintage patterns. This is one of my latest sets in polka dot and lace!

I started making these because I hate, hate, hate all the overly-padded bra’s that are all over now a day’s. I found a 1970’s vintage lingerie pattern at a Goodwill a few years ago and have tweaked and re-drafted and altered the pattern to high hell, but now have something that’s really comfy and looks great too (I think). There are a few more photos of this and another set on my blog.

Thanks for looking! Hope everyone is having a great day!

  1. They are beautiful, and I totally agree with you on the padding…not every small busted woman wants to be padded out to a C cup! And if you are the C cup, then you don't need the padding, right? I would love to have such beautiful undergarments. I always feel really pretty with a frilly bra and panties on1

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