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Sewing pattern obsession yields blog #2….

November 5, 2010

Hello, everyone!

My name is Jace and I’m an avid lover of vintage patterns.  Some of you may know me as Pattern Junkie from my blog of the same name.

My pattern obsession has resulted in a second blog, The Straight Grain, which I just launched this week.  The Straight Grain is devoted to sewing pattern news: giveaways, sales, contests, new styles, you name it!  If you have a pattern shop or blog, no matter what size, let me know about your sales, contests, etc.  I want this to be a resource for my much-beloved sewing patterns community — enjoy!  You can message me through blogger or reach me at thestraightgrain (at) gmail (dot) com.

Also, as I’m not a graphic designer, I welcome any constructive comments on my blog design, which I’m still playing around with.  Is it too basic?  Too green?  Too anything else?

Thanks for your help, and I hope you enjoy the blog!

  1. Your Pattern Junkie blog is always such fun (and hopefully you'll be revisiting soon!). Will check up on this new blog too.

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