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More Vintage Maternity Sewing

November 21, 2010

Recently Cedar posted her gorgeous vintage maternity smock and pants here on Sew Retro. It was stunning, and I felt very inspired, as I’m about 19 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and have just begun to sew up some vintage maternity clothing. Here is Simplicity 2554, from the 50’s or 60’s:

I’m wearing it with leggings here to go out for breakfast, but I also made the skirt from this 60’s pattern to wear to work:

Vintage maternity patterns are so cute – and there is such a limited range of modern patterns for maternity, unless you have great pattern alteration skills, which I don’t.

Visit my blog if you’d like to see more pics of these projects, and the rest of my maternity sewing!

  1. Really lovely!
    Can anyone tell me though, how to post on Sew Retro? I have a Vintage Vogue Giveaway I'd like to post. Every time I click the "new post" button it redirects me to my blogger login page and gets stuck in a loop there; and I can't find a link to contact Sew Retro directly for help….help anyone??
    Miss P

  2. Miss P, have you contacted the administrators to join? There is a button at the bottom of the list of contributors — you need to 'apply' to join. And I'm pretty sure you need a blogger identity (mine is my google username and password). Does this make sense?

    Let us know how you get on – maybe someone else will have more info?

  3. How lovely! I was actually looking at that exact pattern online a few days ago! I figured though I better use the ones I have before I go buying any more!!

  4. I love the beautiful looks you have created. I really enjoy seeing women in nice maternity tops. I hate the oversized tee shirt look stretched beyond belief. Or any other top really not intended for a maternity outfit. You look so polished and neat.

  5. Hi Rachel
    Thanks for the info. Have tried contacting them directly via email and am still waiting to hear from them about joining. Also, have been having a sort through my vintage patterns and had a pretty ruthless cull! I have a couple of maternity patterns (70's but cute 70's!) in a 34" bust that I shall be getting rid of, since I don't know any pregnant sewers! If you would like them,you're welcome to them. You can contact me via my blog or at kitschycoo@hotmail.co.uk.
    Kindest regards
    Miss p

  6. How refreshing to see modest and classy maternity clothing. I am tired of seeing pregnant women wearing skin tight tops that rise up to show their belly skin.

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