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November 24, 2010

Hello to everyone on SewRetro,

my name is Ellen and I’m in love with anything before the 1970’s. I’m from Sydney, Australia and I love that there are so many Australians here. I’ve been following this blog for ages now and it’s only recently that I’ve had a burst of inspiration to be a part of it, so I’ve made my blog and hoping to post lots of sewing goodies!

At the moment I’m sewing McCall’s 6705, a lovely wrap dress. Preparing for the hot summer that’s coming up.

I’ve made the toile in a hot pink but the finished garment will be in red. Please don’t mind the very short skirt since I ran out of fabric…

There’s more to see over at my blog, including some 1940’s magazine pictures. Thanks for reading and hope to get to know everyone here!

  1. Oh the memories. I do believe this is the exact pattern number I used in high school (about 1963-4) to make an orange denium jumper (in the US at that time this sort of sleeveless overdress, we called a jumper). It was awesome and one of my favorite pieces of clothing. A joy to wear. Thanks for bringing back that memory. And last but not least wishing YOU much wearing pleasure as you finalize your own garment.

  2. It's looking great, actually quite smart to try the skirt like that as it is a very plain pattern from the waist down. Good luck with the red one!

  3. Welcome Ellen! Honesty, you made me laugh…..I don't know if that was your intention, I mean when I read the skirt was "small" I never thought it was like this =) , I'll visit your blog right now

  4. Oh my goodness thank you for the wonderful welcome!
    Now I know I'll definately make the dress just so I can show the finished product 🙂
    And thank you Jane for telling me about your sewing experience with this pattern, calling it a jumper does make more sense than a wrap dress.
    I'm so happy I joined sewretro!

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