1. No, in their dreams. Pattern prices are obscene right now with the holidays being so close. People are gouging prices and for some reason buyers are desperate.

    Im only buying from places I know for a while, 'till this all dies down 🙂

  2. Take that $99 and enroll in a pattern drafting class. In six weeks, you can make that and pretty much anything else you set your fancies to. Prices are going crazy right now with patterns, I noticed that, too. Thanklfully I have enough projects to keep me busy for years–and then taking my classes. Would really recc one.

  3. I'm going to add it to my watch list to see if anyone gets it. I didn't think about the holidays and the cost of patterns increasing.

  4. I find patterns at the thrift store or when the stores have their 99 cent sale… I also will find current fashions that resemble vintage fashions and could easily be altered very little to make it look vintage, ie: type of fabric, add a collar, etc…
    I refuse to pay high prices for patterns! I find material the same way! I guess I have learned to be extra thrifty (cheap!)LOL

  5. That pattern is all about the color photo on the cover. It wouldn't sell for nearly as much without it. Yes, drafting classes or less pricey patterns with similar shaping are in order if you love this style.

    Mary Beth

  6. My future mother in law goes to a lot of estate sales and she gets me some there.

    Syrena I do the same thing. If you're into the 50's look at 80's patterns they have similar cuts except the sleeves lol. They are also a lot cheaper! I just bought a copy of this pattern:

    I got mine for $5 something including shipping.

    I will buy a unique design of vintage patterns but not for $99.00. I don't care how cute it is!.

  7. Honestly, you needn't even take pattern classes, just get yourself a pattern cutting book, it's not rocket science! I am constantly amazed at how much sellers ask for patterns.

  8. Eleen, that butterick dress is so cute! The pattern pictures are very 80's, but with the right material, hair & accessories you will be swept right into the 50's! How nifty!

  9. Pretty as it is no one bidded on it. If they were smart they would of started the bid at $9.99 then hope for a bid war.

  10. I saw it a while ago on ebay .It has been reposted .It is over priced and I must agree with everyone else"In the sellers dreams ..lol

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