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November 27, 2010

Last year at college I did a quick sketch of a dress I own, to explain to my pattern drafting tutor, what I would like to do as a final project for my first year of pattern cutting. Never got to do it in the end. But what should  I stumble across on my trusty Ebay the other day, but this little gem (£5.52inc P&P and in my size too!) from a 1970 issue of Woman’s Weekly. I KNOW!!  It’s like destiny isn’t it?! So all I need do now is decide on my ideal fabric and find my way around the pattern itself. So if anyone has any fabric ideas and/or any knowledge of the quirks of Woman’s Weekly patterns that I should know about, would love to hear from you! This one’s going straight to the front of my “to do queue”…….

Please feel free to drop by and leave me any ideas, I know there’s alot of knowhow here on Sew Retro and would love to hear from you if you have something to share…….

  1. Be sure and check the measurements on the pattern because somewhere in those years was a pattern size change. I learned to sew during those years and it was really fun. Have a good time trying this one out!!!!

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