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Victorian Halloween Gown – Competition Entry

October 13, 2010

I started this gown in the summer of ’08 for Halloween that year… It was a HUGE project (for me) and it didn’t get finished until February ’09. Last year, I wore something else so finally I’ll be wearing this as my costume for Halloween ’10!

There’s no party, but I love dressing up to hand out candy to the kids. I decorate the lawn in a vintage styled silhouette theme and set up a buffet table with savory and sweet treats, plus refreshments for trick or treaters and their parents. The firepit is brought up to the driveway too for added atmosphere and a hearth to gather around.

I’ve not updated my blog in a while; I’ve recently jumped back into sewing after taking the summer off, although it’s been more of an apron kick than garments. Big projects will be resumed soon!
  1. wow! It looks great, I always wanted to use that pattern but never got a chance! Really nice job, I love the rosettes, so pretty.

  2. Oh! I have this pattern! I can understand how it took so long to get through – I started mine when I was about 19, got halfway through the top part, and then felt that it was too tricky and put it aside. Seeing how the finished dress looks makes me want to go and look for that unfinished bodice, lol! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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