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October 10, 2010

I’m moving along nicely with this dress. I’ve had a pictured saved for a year. Always too busy to make things for myself so I listed it on my site and got an order for it. So I get to make one of my dream dresses and someone gets a lovely dress. Here is the dress, though after doing some research the dress is not a burnt orange but red. I just went by the picture I’ve had for the year.:

I started with a muslin, I prefer to use muslin for my patterns or interfacing. Here is the bodice of it:
I was debating at this stage what to do with the back. Did I want a regular back or a slight V-Shape. I went with V-shape and also added a waistband (“that needs work”). The pictures here do not reflect the true color of the dress. Please visit my blog to see all the details. Here is the front & back:
The last picture I have to share is the skirt pinned to the form. It will be slightly lower than the natural waist to emphasize the great shape of the bodice. To see other of my work and inspiratons you can visit my blog here.
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