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Costume Contest II

October 28, 2010
Sorry about how grotesque these photos are! This year I am going to be the Miller High Life girl in the moon, yes, from the beer ad. I am not quite finished- the hat needs to be red underneath and I am still working on the black sash with gold hearts, but I love it! I used two different patterns for the jacket and the skirts, and I made the cami out of strips of fabric. Oh, and I have red cowboy boots to complete the ensemble!

  1. Oh, how cute. I never cared for the beer, but I always loved their logo. 🙂 Please post new pics when it's all done, I'd love to see it again.


  2. I think that is an awesome idea for a costume! My dad had an old Miller Lite can (vintage) with the beer still in it that he kept on a Miller advertising light with the woman on it. It was all rusty and icky, and one day he drank it on a bet! Ick! 🙂 Your costume looks fabulous and fun! I love it!

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