An introduction: [Patty the snug bug]

October 24, 2010

Hi all! I’m Patty and am jumping into the sew retro pool too! I’m a 30-something (sigh, for a few more years, anyway.) I live in Minneapolis, where it is cold, cold, cold and I like to sew. And knit. Listen to audiobooks, play with my dog and husband, Mr. Bug. And vacuum.

I’m super-drawn to styles of the 50’s, some of the 40’s, some of the 60’s. The 20’s, not at all! I also love polka dots, mary janes, bows, full circle skirts, fitted bodices and I have an all new love for pencil skirts. My inner-style is probably pure Lucille Ball crossed with Minnie Mouse, but my street style is South Minneapolis house wife and Liz Lemon. With a dash of Minnie Mouse. I aspire to more mouse, less lemon. I love the shape and style of the late 50’s/early 60’s and started looking for more, more, more after having a vintage-style wedding earlier this year. There were crinolines. I made the maid of honor’s dress and then almost made her trade with me so I could wear it down the aisle instead of the ridiculous white one!

Here’s a few pictures of retro-inspired projects that I’ve worked on and am extra fond of. Note on the apron… this was an adapted-from-a-dress-pattern apron with a full circle skirt and I happen to be having a GIVEAWAY (ends 10/27/10) on my blog for fabric and a pattern to make your own- feel free to stop by and enter for some wonderful apron fabric (polka dots!), rick rack and a pattern!


You can find me at my blog, on Facebook or drop me a note!


  1. Hello and welcome to Sew Retro, I recognise your sewing straight away from Sewing Pattern Review!

    Especially the Vogue dress in two of your pics (the bridesmaids and the green frock). Its currently my most loathed pattern as I do battle with the contrast top bands wondering whether it is time to admit defeat and recycle the fabric!

    Hope you enjoy the community, look forward to seeing more of your pretty creations.

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