An Introduction, and an Entry to the Fabric Treasury Halloween Competition

October 29, 2010

Hi everyone! My name is Lynne and I’m a 20 year old budding vintage enthusiast from D.C.!

I’ve been seriously sewing for perhaps the past seven years, after deciding maybe mainstream fashion wasn’t for me. My love of vintage and reproduction actually got started when a friend and I decided to plunge headfirst into the world of corsetry, and shortly thereafter, the Renaissance Festival. It wasn’t until yet another friend started taking me to a local swing dance night that my interests were anything before 1890!

(one of the swing ensembles in progress)

But, now that I’ve been exposed to it, I’ve been diving headfirst into recreating and reinterpreting 40’s-50’s fashions for swing dancing and other life experiences.

To follow me and my adventures in vintage fashion and life, check out my blog, Little Missile and the Big Bang.

For my contest entry, I offer up this year’s Halloween costume. I played (and will be playing again) the revamped Silk Spectre from the Watchmen film that came out last year. I’ve always been a huge fan of comics, and when they revamped the original Silk Spectre into a 40’s pin-up, I was all over the costume design. You can read more about the planning of the costume here at my blog.

(The victory rolls started sagging a little as the day progressed)

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