Vintage Sewing

Simplicity 4255

September 19, 2010

This is the first time I’ve made a pair of pants, let alone retro ones but enjoyed doing it. The pattern size is a bit big but am hoping to learn how to size it down better for next time. Fabric used was a cotton strech and worked well, and in a plain colour and I plan to use a flower fabric for the top.

(Sorry not sure why but the photo of me just wont turn around, must be showing the true me right now, I really need some sleep.)

I also made the pink top some time ago, and plan to make the matching top for the pants in the next few weeks. All most welcome over at my blog for a few more pic’s. Should the planed changes and outfit work out as I hope you will see me make many more of these.

Happy sewing, you all make and share such lovely clothes.

  1. They look lovely! I got half way through making the same pattern but messed up and haven't been able to bring myself to finishing them. The blouse turned out pretty good though.

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