1. Yes! Maxant still makes them, you can see the whole range here. You can get just the buckles, just the backing, or a kit with everything you need. I haven't used them myself (I have a bunch of vintage kits still) but I have heard very good things about them.

  2. Fabric covered buckles seem to have gone out of style, but I know I've seen plain metal buckles and self-cover belting at the fabric store (US) just recently.

  3. we do have it in OZ! Lincraft sell the self cover buckles, and you can get the belting-web that goes inside at Spotlight (I've gotten it from Liverpool and Bondi Junction).

    I've also picked up vintage kits from a vintage haby shop in Melbourne, can't remember the name sorry!

  4. They're a little hard to come by sometimes. I snagged a couple in New York the last time I was there, and sometimes you can find them at garage sales.

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