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Need Ideas for Extra Fabric!

September 9, 2010

Hello all! Okay, the exclamation mark in the title is probably not necessary, but I am so excited to be just about done with my dress for the Art Deco Society’s Gatsby Afternoon this weekend.

I messed up a couple times, had to buy more fabric, and hence I have some decent sized scraps. I did use some of the leftovers to make a matching purse with a lovely bakelite buckle from La Rosa Vintage (San Francisco).
Gatsby '10 Purse Close Up

My question out to everyone – what are your ideas for leftover fabric? You all are so crafty and talented…I’d love, love, love to hear your ideas!!!!

I was thinking maybe a picnic thingy of some sort might be good, a pillow or a hankie (although fabric isn’t pretty on the wrong side).

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!


  1. This is such a coincidence! The Gatsby Afternoon thing, I mean. I just posted pictures from a 20-year-old magazine on my blog.

    What I like to do with scraps is make bias tape. I just like having all kinds of it on hand, even though I rarely use it!


    P.S. This is a beautiful clutch. Matching purse and outfit combos make me smile!

  2. I use appropriately sized scraps (12×12, usually) to make hankies. Other bits can be put into quilts and/or used as pieced linings/flatlinings, which I have done a lot of, as well. And yes, pillows! 🙂

    purse looks great!


  3. How about a hat? There are some very darling retro hat patterns around and this material would rock as a hat with a white lining and navy piping (or vice versa). Also, an apron? A tote? Napkins? A soft toy for a young friend?

  4. How about a nice fabric covered bangle bracelet??? Seems as though it would be easy breezy, and the fabric is perfect for it!

  5. Facings and pocket bags/linings are some of my uses and allow me to feel coordinated without making things matchy-matchy.

    I have also combined leftover fabrics from several garments to make a patchwork piece that I can wear with several things – like a jacket or purse.

    My fave use for small pieces is to make covered buttons. I have a few templates and just cut the scraps into disks and use them for unexpected accents – like on woolen gloves. I have a real thing for covered buttons!

  6. NewVintage Lady I love the collar and cuffs idea – I have a couple of patterns for them from the 50s and I use white fabric, but making them in a print is a fabulous idea to attach to a solid color item!

  7. sometimes i use my scraps to make eye masks for my friends. they're a cute gift-topper. party bunting is another good use for scraps because you can use an assortment.

  8. Thanks for everyone's comments! So many projects now to think about! Thanks Anne for the link and Stitched, I think the fabric covered bracelet would work with this outfit and Karen I'm afraid of making a hat, but it would be amazing to have a matching hat.


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