McCall’s 7451

September 7, 2010
Here is the result of a very productive long weekend. I had originally planed to do the coat in a thick fuchsia wool but went with a beige woolen flannel instead and a gold lining. 

I just love this pattern! It was easy to adjust (just the length of the hem and the sleeves) and it’s so flattering. It was easy and fast too! I have some bouclé in my stash, maybe I’ll use it for the jacket in the same pattern. And what to do with the fuchsia wool that I still haven’t used? Read more on my blog
  1. omg it's beautiful! i have seen that pattern for sale and have been considering buying it. totally love the gold lining and your outfit underneath …and your shoes are gorgeous too… an overall 10/10 in my opinion 🙂

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