mad for green dress

September 7, 2010

09.07.10 {mad for green}

A little bit Mad Men, a little bit like something Elizabeth Taylor might have worn in Butterfield 8, and a classic bombshell color thrown in. I’ve been in a bit of a late 50s/early 60s mood lately; mostly it’s due to all the early 60s films I’ve been watching over the course of the summer. I decided to indulge in my recent mania for late 50s/early 60s sheath dresses and make my own this past weekend! I used a sloper I drafted as the base, a green linen blend in my stash, and a whole bunch of structure techniques and hand sewn details. I adore how it came out–be sure to stop by my blog for more of the nitty-gritty sewing specifics!

  1. Woo, that is gorgeous! The colour and detailing are beautiful, and the stitching on your zipper is so precise and neat. Makes me want to overcome my fear of non-invisible zippers! What a fantastic dress.

  2. Holy toledo! Nice dress!! Love the neckline. I usually don't like bows, but it really works for this dress. Amazing work!

  3. It's a great dress!

    I checked your blog for other views and I have to comment on how beautifully fitted the back of the bodice is. Lovely design!

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