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I keep telling myself no more patterns

September 21, 2010

I’ve said it before I am a pattern hoarder. I even opened a shop to get rid of some that I don’t foresee using but what do I do almost every day? I go to Ebay and type 50’s dress pattern, list by newly listed and see what is new. Well this morning I found this and it was a must have so I purchased it. I really hate the bid wars, well only when I lose 🙂 So here is my newest pattern. I can’t wait to get my greedy hands on it. For other great stuff I may not post here please visit my blog.

  1. You just can't let patterns like that pass you by ;o) I'm worse as I've hardly made up any of my vintage patterns and yet I still go on hoarding!

  2. Marie me and my sister always joke about getting new patterns. I will see she has one that I know she isn't going to use or vice versa and we just say UNCUT Pattern.

    I haven't used as many as I should either but someday I will right?

  3. It's an addiction, someone should open a pattern hoarding rehab to rehabilitate poor souls like us! Well, at least I can teach my daughter to sew and pass them on to her if she's into it….

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