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FabUnits: the Vintage Fabric iPhone App

September 1, 2010


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I’m an aspiring seamstress by night, but during the day I make iPhone apps. After sewing many vintage patterns, not too often I am presented with something like this:


Vintage fabric bolt sizes come in many more widths than ours do today. I often found myself buying too much fabric. Based on the square area of fabric needed, I calculated how much fabric it would equate to using our modern day bolt size measurements.

I also added two extra screens that calculate total price based on price per yard, and convert meters to yard and yards to meter.

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What it does:

Convert fabric sizes.

Convert meters to yards and yards to meters.

Calculate total price based on price per yard.

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Where to get it:

FabUnits is available here, for free.

  1. Okay, as a geek myself I have to say, that's pretty freggin' awesome.

    I generally carry around a card with fabric width conversions, but the price per yard feature is pretty darn clever.

    And the app looks very nice!

  2. Cool! I have a conversion chart in a Reader's Digest Sewing book, but I hardly walk around with it on a daily basis, so this is very useful.

    Presumably not possible as it depends on individual pattern layouts, but if you could create a magic app that converts 'without nap' measurements to 'with nap' that would be wonderful!

  3. Thank you everyone.

    Please feel free to cross-post and reference this link elsewhere.

    As for nap and with nap, I only know that if it has nap, you should purchase extra fabric because of one-directional patterns. It would depend on how you would lay your pattern pieces out too.


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