1. @Sarah and A.J.A.: Thanks so much! I agree that home sewing is about doing things the way you wish to do them. I got sick of having to go to the stores and pick through whatever styles and fits companies were deciding to produce. It was boring and only sometimes things looked good.

    @Anonymous: I am not a purist. I will adapt retro to make it work for me. If I don't like the results on me, who cares if it's exactly the way it was done back then? I'm the one who has to wear it. If you read my actual blog, you will see that I do comment that I tailored it too tight. It was a snafu that the results were as tight as they were.

  2. I also realize that you can and should do what ever you want to do – that's really the way to live. BUT, I do think you are such a lovely, beautiful girl with a knock out figure that I don't think the dresses you sew have to be as tight as they are – it looks a bit like the fabric is pulling across the tummy and the seams are pulling. I know you address this on your blog, but I would love to see you in something that just skims you.

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