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What are YOU wearing to the Fifties Fair?

August 26, 2010

Remember the loud frock made from 1970s curtains? Here’s another version. I made the collar taller and squarer for a more 50s shape and found a great yellow and grey polka dot voile for more era-appropriateness. But it’s still a 1970s pattern. I hope someone spots the 1970s shape of the sleeve caps and has conniptions.
My only regret is the underlining isn’t a bit heavier weight. I do feel particularly cunning for putting the buttons over the grey dots. Perfect match.
So, what are YOU wearing to the Fifties Fair? Or, what WOULD you wear if you were going?
  1. Wow, the fit on this dress is perfect! Well done!
    Isn't it satisfying when something simple like buttons lining up with a print happens!

  2. Love it! I wouldn't even know it was a 70s pattern, very cunning of you!
    I'm wearing a frock made from a 1962 pattern to the Fifties Fair…shhhhhh!

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