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August 4, 2010
Bonjour to my fellow seamstresses! Je m’appelle Rachel Red Lips; I’ve just joined Sew Retro and couldn’t be more excited to get to know a sweet, supportive, and active group of seamstresses with a love for vintage patterns, fabrics, and notions. As avid sewists, it makes sense to look to vintage clothing, prints, and patterns as inspiration because a great deal of care, skill, and style went into making garments of the past, as opposed to the shoddy mass production which takes place today. I take great pride and pleasure in envisioning designs, scouting vintage materials, reconstructing garments, and sewing one of a kind garments and I strive to further my sewing education with more classes and practice. Until then, here’s a look at a series of vintage inspired jumpers that I’m currently working on. Originally I used a vintage pattern to make a lightweight, silky jumper (shown above) then I lost the pattern pieces! So, I ripped the seams out and made my own pattern from the pieces…as crazy as it sounds, it’s also a really fun way to learn how things are constructed! 
deconstructed romper
Here is the finished product – a one of a kind jumper made from vintage jantzen fabric. I’ve listed it for sale here, but plan to add more to my new shop! You can read more about my sewing projects by clicking here
Peach RomperPeach Romper
Thanks for letting me join Sew Retro; I’m so excited to see the progress you all make in your sewing endeavors! Good luck, and stop by my blog to say hi sometime! 

  1. Very cute! I'm looking at the pattern and can't see how you got the pants made out of it though, the bottom of the pic is the 'pants' right?

  2. welcome rachel! love your little jumper- so cute. wish i could get away with one of those…;) i actually found your blog pre-sew retro because of the recent post on "she can't decide", which i was introduced to because of my buddy, mark, who is amanda's brother. round and round the circle goes. can't wait to see your future creations!

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