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August 31, 2010

Hi everyone,

There have been a few discussions on here recently about shrinking/ enlarging and adapting patterns. I have written a couple of blog posts on this topic and thought they might be of interest for those of you looking to have a go at this. Please visit and use the ideas to personalise your vintage patterns.
Sarah 🙂

  1. Thank you for this, it's helpful but I have to admit I am still puzzled as to how to take a really beautiful pattern with a 30 bust (do you know any normal grown up woman with a 30 bust and 34 inch hips?) and make it into a 36 bust and 40 hips. Am I asking too much of my vintage pattern?

  2. Karen Kelly, it can be done using the slash and spread method (I will try and get some diagrams drawn up), but because you're enlarging it so much you may not retain the original shaping, so will need to spend time fitting a muslin/ toile before making the final product. Professional grading would work better. I'm thinking of offering this service- do you think people would be interested? Alternatively, you can google the pattern details, as there are often other sizes still available across the net.


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