My next project

August 10, 2010
My friend ange and I are stash busting, both patterns and fabric.

This is to be my first project – I hope to finish it in the next week and put up pictures but I am undecided about somethings and wondered if I could get your opinion.

1. Should I pipe the pocket and/or anywhere else on the onsie in order to tie it into the skirt – and if I did do you think it would make the onsie look funny on it’s own?

2. Should I build a petticoat into the skirt?

Head over to my Blog at Angeliccows for more details.

  1. I would say yes on the petticoat, but I would consider making it a separate piece so that you can wear it with other dresses. Foundational wear is the key to creating an authentic look! Can't wait to see the final piece!

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